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$15 Tea Kettle Vs. $1500 Tea Machine
15 Oct 2020
$15 Tea Kettle Vs. $1500 Tea Machine
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Build a Movie Recommender - Machine Learning for Hackers #4


This video will get you up and running with your first movie recommender system in just 10 lines of C++. We train a neural network on a MovieLens dataset of movie ratings by different users to generate a top 10 recommendation list for the default user ID.

The code for this video is here (everything included):

I created a Slack channel for us, sign up here:

The Original Amazon DSSTNE code is here:

Link to AWS:

Link to FileZilla:

Paper I found pretty cool (a deep learning based rec system):

And a correction -- Scott grand recently tested it vs Tensorflow and reported not just a 2x, but a 15x speedup:

I love you guys! Thanks for watching my videos, I do it for you. I left my awesome job at Twilio and I'm doing this full time now.

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$15 Tea Kettle Vs. $1500 Tea Machine
15 Oct 2020
$15 Tea Kettle Vs. $1500 Tea Machine
YoBro · 1 Views